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    The Greatest Itching Powder Prank in History

    During World War II British intelligence and Secret Services were probably the best at spying and clandestine warfare in all of history.  Almost every major Allied operation had a good amount of deception and trickery which made the Germans chase their own tails on a number of occasions.  Often, their operations depended on advanced technology, a complicated network of spies and double agents, and a great amount of luck.  However, some British spy operations seemed less like James Bond missions and more like childhood mischief.

    During the war, the British SOE (Special Operations Executive) began a program to smuggle itching powder into the Third Reich.  The itching powder developed by SOE was no common joke shop itching powder, but a powder so potent that exposure could be excruciating, with some needing hospitalization if exposed.  The itching powder was smuggled into Germany from Switzerland in foot powder tins, where resistance groups working as laundresses and uniform makers sprinkled the powder on military uniforms.  The hardest hit was the German Kriegsmarine (navy), when in October of 1943 25,000 U-Boat uniforms were contaminated with the itching powder.  What resulted was a massive epidemic of severe dermatitis that swept through the U-Boat fleet.  The epidemic was so bad that one U-Boat crew had to turn around return to port for medical treatment. 

    German uniforms were not the only target for itching powder attacks.  Other targets including bedding, underwear, and toilet paper.  When a sizable amount of itching powder was smuggled into Norway, the Norwegian resistance made especially effective use of it by sprinkling the powder in condoms.  As a result in Trondheim throughout the war numerous cases of soldiers being hospitalized for extreme pain from their private parts were reported.

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    Joseph R. Beyrle (August 25, 1923 - December 12, 2004) is thought to be the only American soldier to have served with both the United States Army and the Soviet Army in World War II. 

    Beyrle joining the 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment of the 101st Airborne’s “Screaming Eagles” division, specializing in radio communications and demolition, and was first stationed in Ramsbury, England to prepare for the upcoming Allied invasion from the west. After nine months of training, Beyrle completed two missions in occupied France in April and May 1944, delivering gold to the French Resistance.

    On June 6, D-Day, Beyrle’s C-47 came under enemy fire over the Normandy coast, and he was forced to jump from the exceedingly low altitude of 120 meters. 
    After landing in Saint-Côme-du-Mont, Sergeant Beyrle lost contact with his fellow paratroopers, but succeeded in blowing up a power station. He performed other sabotage missions before being captured by German soldiers a few days later. 

    Over the next seven months, Beyrle was held in seven different German prisons. He escaped twice, only to be recaptured each time. Beyrle and his fellow prisoners had been hoping to find the Soviet army, which was a short distance away. After the second escape (in which he and his companions set out for Poland but boarded a train to Berlin by mistake), Beyrle was turned over to the Gestapo by a German civilian.

    Beaten and tortured, he was released to the German military after officials stepped in and determined that the Gestapo had no jurisdiction over prisoners of war. The Gestapo were about to shoot Beyrle and his comrades, claiming that he was an American spy who had parachuted into Berlin.

    Beyrle was taken to the Stalag III-C POW camp in Alt Drewitz, from which he escaped in early January 1945. He headed east, hoping to meet up with the Soviet army. Encountering a Soviet tank brigade in the middle of January, he raised his hands, holding a pack of Lucky Strike cigarettes, and shouted in Russian, ‘Amerikansky 
    tovarishch! (“American comrade!”).

    Beyrle was eventually able to persuade the battalion’s commander (who, incidentally, was the legendary Alexandra Samusenko, allegedly the only female tank officer of that rank in the WWII) to allow him to fight alongside the unit on its way to Berlin, thus beginning his month-long stint in a Soviet tank battalion, where his demolitions expertise was appreciated.

    Beyrle’s new battalion was the one that freed his former camp, Stalag III-C, at the end of January, but in the first week of February, he was wounded during an attack by
    German Stuka dive bombers.

    He was evacuated to a Soviet hospital in Landsberg an der Warthe, where he received a visit from Soviet Marshal Georgy Zhukov, who, intrigued by the only non-Russian in the hospital, learned his story through an interpreter, and provided Beyrle with official papers in order to rejoin American forces.

    Joining a Soviet military convoy, Beyrle arrived at the U.S. Embassy in Moscow in February 1945, only to learn that he had been reported by the War Department as KIA on June 10, 1944 on French soil. A funeral mass had been held in his honor in Muskegon, and his obituary was published in the local newspaper. Embassy officers in Moscow, unsure of his bona fides, placed him under Marine guard in the Metropol Hotel until his identity was established through his fingerprints.

    Beyrle returned home to Michigan on April 21, 1945, and celebrated V-E Day two weeks later in Chicago.

    He was married to JoAnne Hollowell in 1946—coincidentally, in the same church and by the same priest who held his funeral mass two years earlier. Beyrle worked for Brunswick Corporation for 28 years, retiring as a shipping supervisor.

    Beyrle died in his sleep of heart failure on December 12, 2004. 

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    Oh i get it now.

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    Can you not?

    AHG, I fucked this up!

    omfg I’ve seen the high school musical post about 15 times and I’ve never understood why it had so many notes. Now I finally understand

    ah shit I fucked up

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    Reblog for the last one

    it’s a game show where everyone eats the furniture in a room and tries to see which is made of chocolate

    So basically you’re telling me this is the best fucking game ever created

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    Best crane game prize I’ve ever seen.

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    I really hope japan crimea’s hong kong


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    death grips the kind of band thatd make a new album but not tell anyone and leave the only copy under a park bench

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    things gun control advocates won’t talk about.

    Good job. Defending one’s own life is one of the hardest and most life changing things someone could possibly go through. Glad to hear you’re okay.

    Look me in the eyes and tell me you’d take away that woman’s right to defend herself, and I’ll see you for a rape enabler.

    no one’s saying people shouldn’t be allowed to have guns, at least not the majority of gun control groups.

    most groups just don’t want semi/auto weapons being easily accessible to civilians.

    Except two of America’s largest gun control groups, The Brady Campaign and Mayors Against Illegal Guns, do.  The very act of banning semiautomatic weapons is effectively a blanket ban on firearms, as an incredibly small amount of firearms AREN’T semiautomatic.  You might as well ban houses with microwaves in them. 

    As for semiautomatic weapons being easily accessible to civilians, I’m going to point you here.

    They are no more dangerous than anything else.

    At what point does being a civilian mean untrained?  Have you not seen what’s going on by supposedly trained masters of firearms in Missouri?  Los Angeles?  New York?  Across the United States?

    i’m not gonna even answer your post because i’m tired and idec.

    i’m just gonna say using rape victims as a tool for you to push an agenda is pretty shitty. “rape enabler”, really? what about the many rape victims who are for gun control? or the women who were killed via gun by their abusers?

    for every case where a woman uses a gun to kill her attacker, that’s like 10 cases of a middle aged white man using his handgun to murder unarmed black teenagers.

    It’s not fucking irrelevant, because it’s what very likely  could have happened to OP.  As for your little closing comment, I dare you, prove it.  Provide factual information supporting your claim.  Because unless you mean police, I highly doubt you can.

  10. The point is, Brad, you're so fucking cute when you're angry.

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    Me (located in Iceland) and my friend (located in New Zealand) made the biggest sandwich of all time.

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    Guns of the World - Browning M2HB

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    Blackwater as fuck

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    She cut off the tattoo of he ex’s name, put it in a jar and mailed it to him.


    What even the fuck?

    Holy shit!!!

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  15. Happy Birthday, Stark Sands! [September 30, 1978]

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